“Stop Strainer” for Bathroom sinks and tub


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Stop Strainer for Bathroom Sink

Introducing The Stopper Buddy "Stop Strainer" a universal, replacement bathroom sink pop-up stopper that fits in 95% of all bathroom sink assemblies. Fully adjustable threaded parts allow for a precision fit, accommodating bathroom sink pop-up stoppers in length from 3-5.2 inches and sink drain openings with an inner circumference of 1.25-1.5 inches.

You must have a working pop-up or at least a push rod for the stopper to sit on inside of your sinks drain for the product to work properly. To use the hair, dirt and soap scum filter system, simply remove your bathroom sinks OEM stopper and drop in the "Stop Strainer" pop up stopper.

Unlike similar hair clog filters which need to be replaced often, this eco-friendly system can be cleaned and reused, over and over again. It comes apart in four pieces, making it easy to unscrew and clean the drain basket parts, then drop it back into your drain that's it. No more gross, stinky hair clogs. No more expensive plumbers to deal with. No more hair drain basket filters to replace. Environmentally safe and recyclable, Stop Strainer boasts reduced clog technology with less than a 5-minute installation.

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